Wells had a great faith in humanity, that’s why he wrote, not only in his novels, but in other kind of writings, that by making things, this world still had a chance. He wanted the people to change, and with the people, the world, our world. It remembers me so much to the actual activists, who try to involve society in the fight to keep the earth alive, not against aliens, as Wells wrote, but against ourselves. Without realising, there was a moment in history, probably before Wells tried to warn us, that we began to fight one’s against the others. We began to fight with help of politics, economics and cultural facts.

Literature and politics are taken by the hand, so Wells made the best he new to make an impact over the society.

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  1. Jessica Roch Said,

    novembre 23, 2010 @ 0:04 am

    I found your paper a very interesting one. It is quite well developed and structured. The ideas you present are clear and easy to understand. I have discovered many things by reading it. Well done!

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