Introduction to the play and characters

I would introduce the theme I’m going to write about, by quoting the words of a literate who dedicated part of his life to investigate Shakespeare’s works; “Superstition is godless religion. The superstitious is fond in observation, servile in fear. If he sees a snake unkilled, he fears a mischief; if the salt fall towards him the way, he looks pale and red, and is not quiet, till one of the waiters have poured wine on his lap. (…)

The man is extremely credulous; and calls impossible things miraculous. Finally, if God would let him be the carver of his own obedience, he could not have a better subject: as he is, he cannot have a worse.” ( J.D WILSON, Life in Shakespeare’s England, 51)

The play in which I’m going to focus is A midsummer Night’s Dream. Shakespeare plays are influenced by supernatural creatures, as we can see in Hamlet or in A midsummer night’s dream by good fairies and bad fairies ( ).

In the comedy “A midsummer night’s dream”, Shakespeare narrates the strange things that happen in a forest during a summer night. The primary plotline involves Hermia and Lysander, two lovers who have decided to get married and escape from her father going to the forest. Several characters of the story coincide there, and being late, they stop to sleep; but the conflict becomes when the fairies, seeing them asleep decide to make them a joke, throwing in their eyes a liquid that will make them fall in love with the first person or animal they see when waking up. This confusion involves all the characters of the play, including humans, Hermia, Lysander, Helena and Demetrius, and fairies as Titania.


Oberon, Titania and Puck by William Blake, c. 1785

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