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Political discourse: Paper 1


Subject: 14206 Literatura Anglesa i Discurs Polític – grup A

Student´s name: Sáiz Martínez, Paula

Title of the paper: “Invasion Literature and European politics in H.G Wells’ The War of the Worlds”

Author or topic: H. G. Wells


I decided to write about H. G. Wells works, because he is one of the father’s of science fiction. I focused on “The war of the worlds” and so I wrote the introduction about it.

I have make resemblances and differences between the reality and the novel, I have linked the historic facts of that times, as the Battle of Dorking and I have also written about the society in which Wells lived. I focused on comparing “The war of the worlds” to his book “The salvaging of civilisation”.

In my conclusion I have given my point of view referring to Wells and his advanced view for the times he lived in.




Academic year 2010/2011
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