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Shakespeare: Paper 1


Subject: 14159 Curs Monográfic: Shakespeare through Performance Grupo A

Student´s name: Sáiz Martínez, Paula

Title of the paper: “Supernatural elements in Shakespeare’s A midsummer Night’s dream”

Author or topic: William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare is one of the best theatre play writers of our times. He wrote most of his literature during the Elizabethan Age.

In this essay, I chose his play A midsummer night’s dream because in it he introduced one of the most magical characters of his literature, elements that made his audience believe in goodness, in magic, and the most important, made them feel that even things could go wrong, there was always a way to fix them.

A midsummer night’s dream is a comedy, I conclude saying that is one of the most popular of his comedies and has been performed all around the world from the moment it was published.




Academic year 2010/2011
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