In the Elizabethan times, there was a period of terror, in which people was scared of witches and magic. They were superstitious and that made them weak as a society because it was easy to convince them.

Shakespeare wrote a huge number of plays, tragic and comedy one’s and also sonnets. In his comedy plays, what he wanted is to make people have fun during the time the play lasted, that’s why he included supernatural elements in his comedies. In a time when people believed in fairies, Gods, witches and ghosts, he profited the same elements to soft the concept that people have of them. In Shakespeare plays, the supernatural apparitions help humans with their magic as in “The Tempest” or “As you like it”, create a chaos in the human’s world but finally help them as in “A midsummer night’s dream”.

Finally I would like to repeat that Shakespeare wrote for the amusement of his audience, he wrote to make them enjoy and to think for a while in another way of life that wasn’t the life that people of that time lived.

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